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At Steps Management Group, we empower our team members to step outside their comfort zones, take risks, and exercise their passions. The ability to pave their own paths ensures that they find personally rewarding professional futures. we are ultimately looking for a managerial team, to start entry level and go through our Corporate Structure. We are currently on track to open expand into a new territory. Which means we need a strong core to keep up with this type of growth!


Sales Training

Learn to connect with customers almost instantly (even if you’re brand-new to sales!), communicate product value, and create long-term customers for our awesome clients

Leadership Development

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Industry-Leading Compensation Model

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Is Direct Sales Right For Me?

Motivated self-starter

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Out Going

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Driven to Lead

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Corporate Structure

(Average 4-6 weeks)

New team members strive on their very first days at Steps Management Group with our engaging training program. We do our best to immerse new hires in the creation and deployment of dynamic on-site campaigns, honing their skills as they learn the ropes. You will engage in training on our systems and structures, customers service, sales, and compliance. Reliability and work ethic are very important in the management training program. 

• Customer service
• Product knowledge
• Client History
• Sales
• Territory compliance

(Average 2-6 months)

Once you’ve mastered the entry level phase that’s when we move you into the account manager position where a couple things happen for you! First, you qualify for business trips and conferences that are paid for through the company such as Atlantis Bahamas,  Punta Cana and Dallas Texas. Being in the training manager stage is a great opportunity to network with bigger names in our business and meet with other clients we work with around the world. 

• Delegating roles/responsibilities
• Conducting interviews
• Leadership development
• Introduction to business organization
• New hire development
• Leading developmental meetings
• Territory management

Now, once you’ve shown us you can effectively lead a team, essentially run an organization within the business that’s where you have the opportunity to move into the assistant management role

(Average 1-3 months)

As an Assistant Manager, you begin to learn the backends of the business; administration, interviews, inventory, recruiting, and business finances. Essentially everything you need to know how to do, to run a business.

• Office procedures/Administration
• Interviews/ Human Resources
• Recruiting
• Manage operational finances
• Responsible for organizational calls and office meetings


Once you’ve mastered assistant management, we move you into management/owner where you have the opportunity to oversee one of the branches.

• Oversee client relations
• Manage business finances
• Responsible for all operations

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At Steps Management Group, we offer incredible opportunities to people who have a love of learning and a drive to succeed. You can apply online today! 

Travel Opportunities

We reward our team members for their drive and dedication with numerous chances to travel for trainings and enjoy exotic retreats. Our people at Steps Management Group see the world and benefit from the company of their colleagues. This is just one of the perks we offer. We believe our associates’ networks play essential roles in their careers, so we give them a boost whenever possible by providing opportunities to expand their professional circles. At conferences and other industry events, our team members connect with influential people and local business owners, gaining confidence and experience along the way.

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